NJ IT Tech Support

At JMOR we understand small and large business technology requirements; and we deliver reliable solutions to meet those needs. Whether you need management of your existing technology, want to upgrade it, tweak it or completly revamp it; we have you covered.

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Custom Built Solutions

Keeping up with our NJ clients needs sometimes requires us to think outside the box and thus utilize cutting edge technologies. Wheter your looking for a real top of line power workstation loaded with the latest bells and whistles or a System to meet your company's business application requirements; will build it just for you.

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Technical Relocation Services

We provide disconnection/reconnection of all your IT & Communication Infostructres. Our firm is even well versed in new construction Build Outs of Infostructures and migrating your existing spaces requriements to grow and adapt to your new spaces specifications. Our service compliments any corporate moving project to insure a seamless transition with little or no down time.

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Tip: We won't start selling shoes;just professional computer support

At JMOR we are not going to start selling you shoes; yes, are clients may have feet but we are...

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Case Studies

server security consultant

NJ-Based Production Client Case Study

Client: NJ-Based Production Company

*The Problem: Slow speeds for network users.* JMOR received a call from a nearby production company complaining of a slow internet... Read the full story

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